ADA Self Evaluation and Transition Plan

In 2022/2023, the Town of Randolph, in its efforts to assess the current level of compliance with Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in programs, services, activities, and facilities, collaborated with the Disabilities Commission, the Planning Department and the Institute for Human Centered Design (IHCD) to perform an ADA Self-Evaluation and create a Transition Plan. 

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The Work

A self-evaluation plan is an assessment of  everything, including programs, services, activities, facilities, current policies, practice and procedures provided by the Town of Randolph. The self-evaluation identifies the barriers to access that are inconsistent with requirements of Title II of the ADA. 

This self-evaluation was conducted on Town owned buildings, properties and programs NOT INCLUDING Randolph public schools or the streets, sidewalks and crossings.

The team from IHCD visited each of the properties represented in the reports to assess every area to which the public would have access. Additionally, Town staff were surveyed about their  level of knowledge of accessibility and accommodations that must be provided to ensure access to the Town's services.


The Reports

The findings of IHCD are outlined in a series of reports that include narrative overviews as well as detailed reports and recommendations for Town buildings, programs, recreation areas including playgrounds.  These reports do not include Randolph Public School buildings, playgrounds or playing fields.

*Note: At the time of review, the athletic fields to the north of Zapustas Ice Arena were not under ownership of the Town and were not evaluated for compliance with ADA.

There may be multiple document types for many of the posted files.  In addition to the PDF files, the Microsoft Word and Excel files are provided for anyone who needs accessible versions of the reports.

Executive Summary

Evaluation of non-discriminatory practices

Legal Overview


SiteSummaryReportTransition Plan
Town HallTown Hall Summary
Town Hall Building Report
Town Hall Transition Report
Intergenerational Community Center Building Report
RICC Transition Report
Turner Free Library Turner Free Library Summary
Turner Free Library
Turner Free Library Transition Report
Police StationPolice Station Summary
Police Station
Police Station Transition Report
Central Fire StationCentral Fire Station Summary
Central Fire Station
Central Fire Transition Report
North Randolph Fire StationNorth Randolph Fire Station Summary
North Randolph Fire Station
North Randolph Fire Transition Report
Stetson HallStetson Hall Summary
Stetson Hall
Stetson Hall Transition Report
Turner LaneTurner Lane Summary
Turner Lane (Food Pantry)
Turner Lane Transition Report
Corkin BuildingCorkin Building Summary
Corkin Building
Corkin Building Transition Report


SiteSummaryReportTransition Plan
Belcher Park & Cochato Camp HouseBelcher Park and Cochato Camp House Summary
Belcher Park and Cochato Camp House
Belcher Park and Cochato Camp House Transition Report
Imagination StationImagination Station Summary
Imagination Station
Imagination Station Transition Plan
Powers Farm & Bertha Soule ParkPowers Farm Summary
Powers Farm and Bertha Soule Memorial Park
Powers Farm and Bertha Soule Transition Plan
South Main StationSouth Main Station Summary
South Main Station Playground
South Main Station Transition Plan
Zapustas Ice ArenaZapustas Ice Arena Summary
Zapustas Ice Arena
Zapustas Transition Plan
Moulton StreetMoulton Parking Lot Summary
Moulton Street Parking Lot