2022-2023 HEART Leaders

Healthy Equity and Actions by Randolph Teens (HEART)

The inaugural HEART Leaders from the 2022-2023 School Year were Randolph High School students from the National Honor Society. The Leaders undertook projects that further the goals and objectives as identified by the Community Wellness Project Steering Committee and Action Groups. Their two areas of focus for the school year were healthy food and mental health. 

Supported by the Community Wellness Project, students also received on-the-job training to develop skills that they will carry on beyond the program. In addition to learning more about what equity and justice means in the context of the Community Wellness Plan, they also learned about how to achieve equitable and just health outcomes for the Town. 

We were so grateful to continue the partnership with Randolph Youthworks program to support this work. The program is administered by the Commonwealth Corporation in partnership with MassHire South Shore. More information about the YouthWorks program can be found on the Commonwealth Corporation's website

Meet the 2022-2023 HEART Leaders!

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Divine Eche Canva Bio

My name is Divine Eche and I'm a senior at Randolph High. After graduating in the spring, I plan to pursue a bachelor's degree in Food Science. Over the past four years, I've fostered several interests in a wide range of areas; from tutoring young students to learning the electric guitar, I am someone who loves to try new things and challenge myself. One day, I hope to lessen the nutritional gap by providing low-income and families of color with high quality, affordable food.

Isabella Luu Canva Bio

My name is Isabella Luu. I'm seventeen years old and attend Randolph High School. I adore creative writing, painting, singing, and learning new skills. I currently serve as the president of the National Honour Society, Senator for the Class of '23, co-president of the Asian Culture Club, and Captain of the Show Choir. I take great pride in helping my community and peers and am highly ambitious. No matter what, I am constantly on the look out for opportunities and ways to accomplish my goals.

Richard Smith Canva Bio

Hi, my name is Richard! I am currently a junior at Randolph High School. Despite only being a sixteen year old, I aspire to have an impact on not only my community but others. Through spreading postivity and maintaining a positive attitude, I hope people to give some form of light in a scary world.

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