Youth Engagement

Healthy Equity and Actions by Randolph Teens (HEART)

The HEART Program is an initiative sponsored by the Community Wellness Project. The Program aims to:

  1. Provide a dedicated space for young people to take on projects that support implementation of the Community Wellness Plan;
  2. Create pathways for future community leadership and empower young people in Randolph to be more actively engaged in their community;
  3. Provide young people with a more comprehensive understanding of health and wellness.

The HEART Interns this summer are a combination of returning students from last summer and this past school year. This summer, Interns will undertake projects that further the goals and objectives identified by the Community Wellness Project Coalition.  

Supported by the Community Wellness Project, students are also receiving on-the-job training to develop skills that they will carry on beyond the program. In addition to learning more about what equity and justice means in the context of the Community Wellness Plan, they also will also about how to achieve equitable and just health outcomes for the Town.

Meet the Summer 2023 HEART Interns!

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Nahlya Hall Canva Bio visual biography

Hello! My name is Nahlya Hall, and I am 18 years old. As a South Shore Charter Public School alumna, I will be majoring in Biology at Boston University's College of Arts and Sciences this fall.

Isabella Luu Canva Bio visual biography

My name is Isabella Luu and I'm an alumni from Randolph High School. My passions include writing, painting, drawing, singing, and various other activities. I am majoring in English Creative Writing at Suffolk University and plan to minor in Business Law. With my passions, I hope to become a professor and inspire those around me through teaching.

Hannah Nguyen visual biography

Hi everyone! My name is Hannah Nguyen, I'm eighteen, and I'm an incoming college freshman at Harvard University after graduating from Randolph High School 2023. I plan to explore a variety of fields and classes before declaring my major including: East Asian Studies, Art History, Public Art, Design, Museum Studies, Plant Sciences. Over my high school career, I have taken on leadership positions (Asian Culture Club), interned at museums and start-ups, and held numerous events to uplift my community. One day, I hope to be a leading contributor in bridging culture and art into areas that lack thereof as well as creating educational spaces for topics typically unacknowledged.