Don't Flush Money Down the Toilet!

Money being flushed down a toiletThere are a number of signs that a toilet needs some repairs, but many toilets leak without conspicuous indications of trouble. Leaky toilets can waste thousands of gallons of water per year and cost you hundreds of dollars

Here are some of the obvious signs of a leaking toilet:

  • If you have to jiggle the handle to make a toilet stop running
  • Any sounds coming from a toilet that is not being used are sure signs of leaks
  • If you have to hold the handle down to allow the tank to empty
  • If you see water running over the top of the overflow, you definitely have a leaking refill valve. If you are unsure whether or not water is running over the top of the overflow pipe, sprinkle talcum powder on top of the water in the tank, and you can clearly see whether or not it is.
  • If you can see water trickling down the sides of the toilet bowl long after it's been flushed
  • If water drips out of the refill tube into the overflow pipe
  • If a toilet turns the water on for 15 seconds or so without you touching the handle, this is otherwise known as the phantom flusher

Free Leak detection kits are now available at the Department of Public Works Office:
Town Hall
41 South Main Street
Randolph, MA.

If you have any questions you may call 781-961-0942 for assistance.

Randolph Department of Public Works
Christopher Pellitteri, Superintendent