What are the zoning districts in the Town of Randolph?

The zoning district for a specific parcel can be identified on parcel/property maps.

  • Crawford Square Business District (CSBD)
  • West Corners Business District (WCBD)
  • North Randolph Business District (NRBD)
  • Blue Hill River Highway District (BRHD)
  • Great Bear Swamp Highway District (GBHD)
  • Industrial District (ID)
  • Orchard Street Business District (OSBD)
  • Great Pond Commerce Center Overlay District (GPCCOD)
  • Business District (BD)
  • Business Professional District (BP)
  • Sanitary Facility District (SFD)
  • Residential Single Family High Density (RSHDD)
  • Residential Single Family Medium Density (RSMDD)
  • Residential Two-Family District (R2FD)
  • Residential Multi-Family District (RMFD)
  • Residential Multi-Family 55-Plus (RMF55+)
  • Business Housing Authority District (BHAD)

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