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1. Why was the section 3A law enacted?
2. What does "as of right" or "by right" mean?
3. What does "multi-family housing" mean?
4. Randolph already has multifamily zoning districts. Why are more needed?
5. Do the existing multifamily housing complexes count toward this law?
6. If Randolph already meets the affordability threshold of 10%, why do we have to comply with this law?
7. There are already houses or structures on the land in the district, what happens to them?
8. Once a district is adopted, how long before houses/units must be built?
9. Can we require mixed-use or commercial units on a ground floor with residential above?
10. Does this law require affordable units?
11. Who approves the districts and zoning?
12. What if the Town doesn't approve the maps and zoning?
13. Can we make sure new units are condos or townhouses and not apartments?
14. How many acres is in all of Randolph?
15. Can we put the housing on Town owned land?