How do I get an alcoholic beverage license?

The application process varies for each type of license. A limited number of licenses are issued by the Town - check for availability before applying. You are strongly encouraged to consult the Licensing Board Clerk to determine which forms and processes to complete. State fees are payable to the Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission (ABCC) with the application. Once the license is approved locally, a license fee must also be paid to the Town. For example, applicants for a new retail alcoholic beverage license follow this process:

  1. Application and public hearing: Complete the appropriate online application on ABCC's website, print and sign it, and submit the fee. Then submit this application to the local Licensing Board, which will post it as an agenda item for a public hearing. You will need to be present at the hearing.
  2. Local and state review: The Licensing Board will review your application and, if approved, forward it to the ABCC. Once approved by the ABCC, the Licensing Board will issue the alcoholic beverage license upon your submission of the licensing fee.

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