Site Plan & Design Review

About Site Plan & Design Review

The site plan and design review process provides a level of review for development proposals that ensures they will meet development policies and regulations as defined in any master plan, design guidelines, and zoning ordinance as well as design practices that are commonly accepted within the community.  The process allows for a site specific application of design and development policies, taking into account the unique elements of a site's context and how the proposed use or structure will interact with its surroundings.

Site Plan Review Process

The Zoning Ordinance outlines the thresholds for review and approval of modifications to non-residential structures and parcels.  Depending on the nature of the proposed structure/use, either the Planning Board or Town Council may take up the review of a site plan.    For those proposals that will be reviewed by the Town Council, applicants should contact the Clerk of the Council for more direction.  For those proposals that will be reviewed by the Planning Board, applicants may find the application and fee structure on the Planning Board page.  

Site Plan & Design Review Regulations by Planning Board

The rules and regulations regarding submission requirements may be found HERE