Subdivision Information

A subdivision is a division of land into two or more lots and typically involves the creation of a new road. Dimensional requirements for land in the Town of Randolph are governed by the Town's Zoning Ordinance. In order to subdivide, a parcel(s) must have sufficient land to meet the applicable requirements.

Approval Not Required (ANR) Plans

In some cases, single lots can be created from a larger lot or there can be a land swap between neighbors that does not require a full subdivision plan because the lots will meet the dimensional requirements of the current zoning as it applies to frontage and lot size requirements. In that case the term "approval not required" actually means "approval not required under the Subdivision Control Law".

Preliminary Subdivision Plans

Submission of a preliminary plan is suggested for residential subdivisions and required for non-residential subdivisions of land. It is a method of receiving feedback before formal submission to the Planning Board.

Definitive Subdivision Plans

Submission of a definitive subdivision plan is the formal process of requesting a subdivision of land before the Planning Board.

Rules & Regulations

The Planning Board Rules and Regulations Governing the Subdivision of Land layout the design and submission requirements for the creation of any street to provide frontage, improvement of a paper street or private street and modification of lot lines. See the information (PDF) and find all required forms.

The following residential subdivisions have been approved by the Planning Board and are in various stages of development, but not released by the Planning Board as "complete". The roads remain private (not under the jurisdiction of the Town) until the project is complete, and the developer has requested the Town make the road public, and the Town Council has accepted the road through its formal processes.

Questions regarding status, road completion and/or issues for subdivisions may be directed to the subdivision owner or emailed to the Planning Office.

Subdivision Name
Street Name
Hampton Estates
E.J. Griffin Road
Bob Schoepplein
Ledgewood Estates
J.A. McDermott Road
Alan Paine
Maplewood Estates
A. Arredondo Circle
Marotta Landscaping
Marylee Estates
S.J. Skeen Circle
John Greene
Pinewood Estates
Restarick and Truelson
E. Daly
Richard Estates
Richard Road
West Point Development
Roel Estates
Roel Court
Spring Estates
Kelli Road
West Point Development
Grove Avenue
Cygnet Lane
Wells Construction
Washington Avenue
Richardi Reservoir Road
D.A. Bosworth
Lafayette Estates
Vine Lane
Zanga Way
Neary Mountain Lane
Marotta Landscaping
Orchard Estates
Cherry Circle
Todd Sandler/West Point Development
Pham Estates
Mary Lee Way
John Pham